Del universo de Roa

Roa 3D art work; Muscle male, SM, Torture, Bondage, Humiliate, Slavery, etc.

Lamentablemente estas magnificas obras han sido censuradas por la plataforma Tumblr.


Up Your Alley Revisited x BIRON

Lasted News!
Pincha la siguiente imagen y visita el portfolio con las fotos de ayer:


The Photos by BIRON Collection is archived at the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University @ iucat.iu.edu/kinsey?utf8=✓&search_field=all_fields&q=Photos+BIRON&highlight=n
Biron was represented in Paris by the Au Bonheur du Jour Gallery from 2005-2018 @ www.aubonheurdujour.net/Biron.
Biron’s 1970s Mail Art & Fey-Way Studio Collection is archived at the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/ucla_csrc/albums/72157709408394162/page10
Biron’s political writings are archived in the Labadie Collection of the Hatcher Library at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Photos by BIRON:1993-2018
25th Anniversary Gallery: www.photos-biron.com/1993-2018
photo books – all free online:
Transfixed by Art @ www.photos-biron.com/books/index0.
Castro Go-Go Boys @ www.photos-biron.com/gogoboys/index0.
Hardcore Male Multiculturalism @ www.photos-biron.com/hardcore/index0.
MALES @ www.photos-biron.com/MALESbook/pages/00.
Multicultural Male Big Pics: www.photos-biron.com/bigpicsbook/index.
Itay Atias @ www.photos-biron.com/itaybook/pages/00cover.